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Natural Latex Pillow in Packaging
Contoured latex pillow is made from nature

Naturelle Pure latex pillow - In 3 great sizes to suit

Luxurious pillow in natural latex - From the rubber tree. Sumptuously soft & wonderfully supportive. Pure latex won't sag or lose its shape. Therapeutically designed and gently contoured to cushion the head and cradle the neck. The world's best latex pillow!

We offer the purest and most comfortable natural latex pillow available. It's just the right balance between softness and support and the right amount of loft for proper spine alignment, Our latex pillows naturally conform to the curvature of your neck and spine.

Latex is the natural choice for sleeping in comfort

e latex 5 year guranteeDesigned for all sleeping positions and physiques, the all-natural, high-quality Naturelle latex pillow conforms to the shape of your head and neck to provide continuous support throughout the night. Made of natural latex, from the rubber tree, these wonderful pillows never require fluffing, maintain their shape, and provide maximum air flow, preventing moisture and heat build-up. 

  • Head and neck are cushioned and supported during sleep.
  • Designed to help alleviate and avoid neck and shoulder stress and muscle stiffness.
  • Latex foam gives your head and neck even spinal support.
  • May assist asthma sufferers and others who require clear breathing patterns.
  • Pillow's contour may help minimise light snoring by enhancing the airway through encouraging better spinal alignment

3 versions to suit your body shape:

Low Profile:

Designed to support children from 5 years, & adult back sleepers.
Height: 10.5 cm high side, 9.5 cm low side. Length: 58 cm | Width: 38 cm.


Medium Profile:

Suits average physique and for those who like a mid to low pillow;
Height: 12 cm high side, 10.5 cm low side. Length: 58 cm | Width: 38 cm. 


High Profile:

Suits side sleeping, broader shouldered physiques, and for those of average physique who like a higher pillow.
Height: 14.5 cm high side, 13 cm low side. | Length: 58 cm | Width: 38 cm.


What its made of:
Pillow: Moulded natural latex rubber.
Pillow Cover Inner: 100% cotton jersey.
Pillow Cover Outer: 70%cotton / 30% polyester.

Truly a dream to sleep on...

Because latex conforms to the body's contours and evenly supports the spine, our Natural Latex Pillows provide an ideal sleeping surface that diffuses pressure points and thus helps reduce tossing and turning.

  • Supportive: superior support reduces areas of high pressure.
  • Naturally contours to your head and neck during sleep.
  • Comfortable, breathable celluliar structure never needs fluffing.
  • Resilient, lasts much much longer than traditional pillows.
Latex is tapped from the rubber tree

Pure natural latex from the rubber tree

The Naturelle pillow is produced from pure natural latex - harvested by tapping the milk (sap) of the small tropical tree Heavea Braziliensis. No unnecessary additional chemicals are needed to stabilise the rubber, and the intrinsic colour is also retained. 

Latex is bio-degradable, naturally! Our latex is non-toxic and contaminant-free, and its natural properties inhibit bacterial and fungal growth, and it provides an inhospitable environment for dust mites. Latex is a renewable and sustainable resource.

100% natural latex rubber has innate antimicrobial properties that are resistant to dust mites, mould, mildew and bacteria that can proliferate under damp conditions. 

Latex is tapped at the tree trunk making for a totally natural product:

Latex is the milky sap of the rubber tree, Hevea brasiliensis. Our natural rubber comes from Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia where trees are tapped for latex by cutting a spiral groove in the bark and placing a spout and collection cup at the base. One week of daily harvesting from 30 rubber trees produces enough latex for just one pillow!

Special core construction - it 'breathes', no sweat!

Hundreds of tiny cores have been created in the Naturelle latex pillow to allow air to flow for a more hygienic sleep environment. These cores, averaging half a centimetre wide, also enhance the pillow's luxurious 'feel' as well as providing even pressure dispersion.

Latex pillow with holes

Because latex conforms to the body's contours and evenly supports the spine, our Natural Latex Pillows provide an ideal sleeping surface that greatly softens and diffuses pressure points and can thus help reduce tossing and turning for encouraging the body to relax.

* Guarantee: This covers your purchase against any obvious factory defects.  It does not cover against normal and natural softenening expected through use, and does not cover against any imperfections in the surface 'skin' of the mould which are a natural part of the moulding process.

Customer testimonials


It stopped my neck pain


Since shifting from a standard pillow to your therapeutic pillow my neck tightness has reduced significantly and my sleep quality has improved. I highly recommend these pillows to others.  

- Chris, from melbourne
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I Just got this pillow from my Chiropracter


hello,i received my 2 x naturalle high pillows today and just wanted to say thankyou.they are so good and there are so many fake latex posing as real but i am very happy with my purchase.so thankyou for providing a quality natural pillow such as these. will recommend you to other people!!.  

- Karen, from Perth
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Great pillow


Just want to let you know that I am rapt with your product. No more sore neck in the mornings. Will pass on the word to people. Thanks a million.  

- Alana, from Richmond
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My sister recommended this pillow for my back pain


Hi Guys. I have been sleeping on this pillow for 3 days now and loooooooove it! I havn't slept this good for so long I can't remember. I got to try this pillow at my chiropracter before I purchased and it just felt perfect. It cost be $89 which wasn't cheap but it was definately worth it. Will be recomending to all my friends. Cheers!  

-Ryan, from Epping
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